I worked on Opel Corsa Helper as a matte-painter. I did some of the building backgrounds and retouching on several shots of the film. I worked closely with the creative director who was in charge of the motion design. All backgrounds needed to be very clean to receive graffity animation.
Agency : Mccann Germany
Producer : Nadine Mueller
Production Company : Markenfilm
Director : Kim Geldenhuys
Executive Producer : Cornelius Roenz
Post-Production / VFX Company : The Mill
Mill Office : London
Executive Producer : Cat Scott
VFX Producer : Tracey Khan
Shoot Supervisor : Hitesh Patel, Nils Kloth
Creative Director : Nils Kloth
2D Lead Artists : Pete Rypstra, Emma White
2D Artists : Vanessa Dequesnay, Darren Christie, Sam Meisels, Dan Pearce
Assist : Ilia Mokhtareizadeh
Matte Painting : Jiyoung Lee, Aurelien Ronceray
Motion Graphics : Nils Kloth, Matt Osbourne, Dom Burgess, Ryan Brotherson, Rob Ward, Piotr Donda
Colourist : Adam Scott
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