My name is Aurélien Ronceray, I'm a freelance Art Director with 15 years of experience in Commercial, TV and Film.
I've created Bold Brush VFX a studio specialized in Concept Art and Matte Painting.
From pre-production, environment and character design, color key or star frame illustration to post-production full matte painting/CG environment with complex camera projections for final shot.​​​​​​​ 
My recent work include The Crown season  3,4,5&6 (VES for outstanding supporting VFX), Napoléon Ridley Scott (Oscar nomination for best VFX), Daft Punk Infinity Repeating video clip (UKMVA winner), Black Mirror Metalhead (BAFTA winner), Altered Carbon (nominated for Emmy Awards 2018), Loro Directed by Paolo Sorrentino or Lipton Revolution in tea (VES nomination for Outstanding Effects Simulations) to name a few.
As Environment Supervisor my experience allow me to lead a team of artists in a pleasant atmosphere to complete multiple high-end projects with different timelines, encourage people to develop their skills to deliver outstanding images in time. I'm always looking to improve my workflow by learning new techniques and software.
Also very enthusiast to work on pitch documents I am happy to write methodology, create references library and art direct visual development from a script in a very tight schedule for client presentation. 

I am based in Montpellier (France) but work remotely for studios and clients worldwide. You can see example of my work in the gallery. Feel free to contact me anytime for collaboration, commission or a quote by filling the contact form.
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