Lead Matter Painter / Concept Artist
THE MILL​​​​​​​
I had the chance to be involved in the early stage of the famous John Lewis Christmas campaign 'Man On The Moon'.
 When I first read the script I knew the amount of work will be incredible and colossal.
I document myself a lot, read about Moon expeditions and start to concept some artworks based on the storyboard. "An old lonely man on the Moon", the perfect brief to create some minimalist space illustration.
One of the first question revealed by those images was the lighting on the Moon and Earth phases. It was really important to the story to show different moments of Man and Girl life's. So before the shoot I study the lighting effect on the Moon and what would look like the Earth from there. I knew it would be useful for future matte paintings but also for the Director and the DP to light the shoot correctly.
I use E-on Vue to create the 3D mock-up of the Moon. Of course it's not completely accurate but it gave us a good idea of what it could look like.
An other question was which kind of lens should we used to look at the Moon from the Earth ? I conceptualized different variations from a wide lens to a long one. And because she was supposed to look throw a telescope I added the vignette effect on top.
I also played a bit with the design of the Old Man House's.
This was a concept for the latest sequence of the film when the Man is looking to the Earth. We had to know if the location would be good and if it would be doable as a matte painting. We took a picture during the day and I mockup the night Christmas version. At the end we used the same location and I had the pleasure to do the final DMP.
Below some before and after matte-paintings. We had more than 20 shots with DMP and on most of them we had to replace the entire set.
We projected this matte-painting on to simple 3D geometry to recreate parallax and it was used for 5 different shots.
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