​​​​​​​I worked on the Brink game cinematics "intro", "outro" Security and Resistance. 
I was in charge of all the matte-paintings. I closely worked with the FX technical director for all smoke effects and reflections for the sea simulations. Most of the matte-paintings had to be separated on different layers to be projected on 3D
All the buildings and the architecture came from the game; I really had to respecte the design.
Also, one of my principal jobs was to create all the skies to be use in 3D lighting and final shots. 
Agency : Bethesda Softworks / Splash DamageProducer : Greg Housom
Production company : The MillDirector : Russel ApplefordProducer : Denise Flavell / Joanne Gallagher
Editing Company : The MillEditor : Daniel Budin / James Mortner / Charlotte Carr
Post-Production / VFX Company : The Mill
Mill Office : London
Executive Producer : Alex Webster
VFX Producer : Denise Flavell, Joanne Gallagher
Creative Director : Arran Green, Russell Tickner
2D Lead Artists : Darren Christie
3D Lead Artists : Robert Holmes, David Fleet
2D Artists : Pete Hodsman, Dan Pearce
3D Artists : Luis San Juan Pallares, Peter Agg, Sergio Xisto, Melanie Tonkin, David Fleet, Alex Hammond, Jose Martin, Michael Hanault,, Valere Amirault, Nora O'Sullivan, Can Yigit Sanalan, Per Bergstein, Tom Blake, Rafael Zabala, Keith Ribbons, Aurelian Ronceray, Emma White, Oscar Medina, Arthur Larsen, Adam Droy, Sergio Xisto, Stuart Turnbull, Sabina Bejasa Dimmock
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