Mortys is my graduation short-film, I co-directed it with three other students. I was in charge of art-direction (color kit, set design, texture, motion design, matte painting, camera mapping). I closely  worked with the lighter/renderer TD to get the illustration look and the contrast render we wanted.

It was an amazing adventure, this project made me want to become a director. All the steps of the creation were fascinating. We worked hard on the music with our composer to have a very emotional impact. We Also had the luck to work with professional actors for the dubbing. 

Finaly the film won the second prize of the jury composed by DreamWorks animation, Double Negative, The Mill, Framestore, MacGuff Line, Nwave Digital, Chez Eddy, La Fabrique d’images, Ilion, Delapost, In efecto, Moving Pictures Company...

Directors : Gaëlle Lebègue / Aurélien Ronceray-Peslin / Mathieu Vidal / Nicolas Villeneuve
Production : ESMA Montpellier
Composer : Frédéric Abrial elasctic studio
Orchestrator : Isaac Chia
Orchestral direction : Jean-Xavier Mary
Choral direction : Patrice Baudry
Actors : Barbara TIssier / Tom Trouffier
Sound design : Studio des aviateurs 

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