Direction / Animation / Design
The Mill
This project was initially a personal project co-directed with my friend Melanie Climent, to played with 2D animation and create a fun short film. At the end it was used by The Mill as the Christmas card 2016.
The sequence is a fun and naughty nod to Christmas-time, bringing a playful nod to the lighter side of festivities we’ve most likely all encountered but don’t usually talk about. 
The idea was to wander around an illustration, giving it depth, so the spectator feels inside the scene, slowly introducing clues for the back-story to reveal itself. 

The table as an "after-last-night-party" was a perfect theme to play with, going from a nice dinner to a party that has gone wrong. Introducing the flashbacks was a good way for us to play with the contrast of two opposite ambiances; from static to moving, calm to hectic, each flashback bringing us a little closer to the chaos that ensues. 

It was clear from the beginning that we wanted to create a 2D animated film. We were conscious that with our framing on the table and the long camera move that we would have some heavy parallax. We began by building our dinner table in 3D and figure out a first layout. Then the entire shot was painted and designed in Photoshop and finally reprojected and comped in Nuke.
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